If Matthew’s drawing could speak


´╗┐This one is called “All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go.” This was drawn during my blue period. Joseph V Osmond was my muse during this time and he modeled for me for a series of drawings. This one has won numerous awards.

In this painting entitled “Joseph ponders why the blue-bellied Hoatzin flies” We get a rare glimpse into one of Joseph’s most beloved hobbies. We feel close and at ease with this lovely gentleman while still aware of his most regal and defining presence.


Here is a recent portrait Matt did of Anmaree Osmond entitled “at the Rush concert… The guy in the background is just a friend.”

I love the simple contour of lines that direct our attention down from the clouds to the soft reflection of her noble brow.

Week 2




In this work titled, “Happy Birthday Hyrum”, Matthew dazzled our senses with his dramatic use of light color.

…it’s resemblance to “The Beast Raban ” from Dune is uncanny.

The first of a series of peices designed to demonstrate stark contrast between

dressing well and Polty possesion

Week 1

It is estimated that All war, violence, and pollutions will cease as a result of this endeavor.